Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Made of Honor

2008 * PG13 * Romantic Comedy
Patrick Dempsey * Michelle Monaghan

I know after admitting to the public that I like Ashton Kutcher, this was a risky movie for me to see by myself without any girl dragging me to it, BUT I love movies. (and I am on sabbatical this summer so I have some extra time on my hands!) This movie, as you would expect, was predictable, but sweet. There really was good acting, top to bottom, with some very likable characters. Also noteworthy are: great music, great dogs, and beautiful scenery. It was particularly fun to see my favorite place on earth (The Isle of Skye in Scotland) in a film. This place is gorgeous with stunning views galore. I visited here when I was in college, and it was fun to reminisce a bit. If you're a guy and you get dragged to this movie by the woman in your life, relax, its not that bad.

What Happens in Vegas

2008 * PG13 * Comedy
Cameron Diaz * Ashton Kutcher

This movie was fun and predictable, which is what I was looking for on this particular journey to the cinema. This was a leave your problems at the door, enjoy a coke and some candy (or popcorn), and laugh a lot. I risk losing your respect and some credibility, but I actually like Ashton Kutcher. (There was something really healing by just typing out that sentence.) I think what makes this film enjoyable was that the characters and the story has heart. Again, this flick won't win any awards, but if you're looking for some laughs and a fun couple of hours, take a chance on this one.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

2008 * PG13 * Action/Adventure
Harrison Ford * Shia LaBeouf * Cate Blanchett

I LOVE the Indiana Jones series. I think every guy wants to be Dr. Jones (this is fun to say in your best Short Round voice) or know a guy like Dr. Jones. It had been 20 plus years since the last Indiana Jones movie, so all true fans were frothing at the mouth in anticipation. All that being said, this movie was ok. I loved seeing the fedora, the jacket and the whip again. It was adventurous for sure, but a little too over the top--a little too crazy for my taste. If cats have nine lives, Indiana had 33 lives in this one. There were some definite fun moments with Harrison Ford's dry sense of humor. The acting is probably sub-par as a whole, especially from the usually brilliant Blanchett. She clearly under delivers. If you're only seeing this movie because of LeBeouf, then you're probably under the age of 25, and I strongly urge you to go watch the first three Indiana Jones movies. You'll be glad you did. NOTE: I did see this movie on opening night at midnight. I had previously sworn off this practice after SpiderMan 3. Nonetheless, I had a great time watching this film with a friend very late at night. If you've never done this, c'mon live a little.

Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

2008 * PG13 * Action/Adventure
Ben Barnes * Skandar Keynes

I have to admit, I wasn't that excited to see this movie. After walking out of the theater, I wasn't too happy to have seen this movie. I liked the first movie, and I enjoyed reading the classic CS Lewis books. The books are brilliant and spectacular. This movie, however, was dull and forgettable. It never made me care; the acting was pitiful; the characters of Narnia were ridiculous looking; and the sound editing was just terrible. A lot of the "human" dialogue was impossible to hear or discern, and the action sequences were WAY TOO LOUD. I actually chose to go to sleep during the last hour of the movie, that is how much I didn't care! If you know me, you know that says a lot. I have talked to a few people, and my opinion seems to be in the minority, but consider yourself warned!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Iron Man

2008 * PG-13 * Action
Robert Downey Jr * Gwyneth Paltrow * Jeff Bridges

This is a comic book movie. At least, thats what they tell me, because I had never heard of Iron Man before I saw this movie. Run, don't walk, to see this movie! Its got great action, fun scenes, good plot points, and no dull moments. It builds and builds and still delivers. I think Robert Downey Jr is perfectly cast as a fun, imperfect, inventive do-gooder.I know most of everything in this film doesn't or can't ever exist, but its fun stuff to watch nonetheless. This is will be a top 2 summer blockbuster in my humble opinion.

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

2008 * PG * Documentary
Ben Stein

This film highlights the gap that exists between the scientific culture and the belief in God or even intelligent design. I know this is probably nothing new to you. But what is new is hearing how opposed, dogmatic, aggressive the scientific community is as another option to how the world came to be. Good, legitimate scientists are being ostracized and punished for raising the issue of God or intelligent design. Their careers are being taken from them. This is not a bury your head in the sand type of Christian film. This merely highlights the "I am going to the take my science ball and go home" attitude of most scientists and their culture. If you care about this issue or just enjoy a good documentary, you should see this film.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Baby Mama

2008 * R * Comedy
Tina Fey * Amy Poehler
This was a really funny movie. There were a lot more funny parts than just the previews. This was a fresh take on a good old fashioned buddy pic. It just so happened the two buddies were women. Greg Kinnear and Sigourney Weaver both played great roles too. Entertaining movie for sure.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Smart People

2008 * R * Dramedy
Dennis Quaid * Sarah Jessica Parker * Thomas Haden Church * Ellen Page

This movie is quirky, quirky, quirky! I loved it though. Its a little like Juno but the people are more rough around the edges. That's one of the things I loved about it though. It was real people with real issues, but still funny and enjoyable to watch. This movie has some great writing and a very good pace to it. Its a story about a widower and his family. In dealing with his loss, the widower has essentially become asleep at the switch or is just going through the motions. Life is passing him by. He is missing out on his family and their issues as well as in his career. This movie is basically about people living life beside each other and the impact we have on one another.

Questions I'm pondering:

Why does Sarah Jessica Parker always look so sad?

When did Thomas Haden Church become a brilliant actor? He was great in Wings in the 80s, then nothing for 20 years, then Sideways and this!

Will Ellen Page be able to keep up the interesting, well acted characters?

Has Dennis Quaid always had the eyes and facial features of Jack Nicholson or did he learn that for this movie? Or did he have a procedure done?

Saturday, April 5, 2008


2008 * PG-13 * Comedy
George Clooney * John Krasinski * Renee Zellweger

I love football. I love movies. I love period pieces or historical movies. All that being said, I really wasn't looking forward to seeing this movie. Here's a dirty little secret about me: I don't like George Clooney. Or Renee Zellweger either. As far as Clooney goes, his roles seem to lack heart and/or soul to me. But I kind of liked this movie. It was an enjoyable little movie. I think the word that comes to mind when I think of this film is...charm. It had it. It also had folksy wit, wisdom and one liners. There are about 50 funny, quick one liners that range from smirk inducing to laugh out loud funny. The music in the movie is terrific. There is some definite Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin type imagery that I really enjoyed. I hope you pick up on it. If not, go watch more movies. So my final thoughts are...if you are excited about this movie, then see it. If you are not sure, then I'd give it a pass.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


2008 * R * Action/Drama
Jim Sturgess * Kate Bosworth * Kevin Spacey

This was a pretty good movie. It is based on a true story and was a fantastic book entitled 'Bringing Down the House.' A group of brilliant MIT students learn to count cards in order to win big money on the Las Vegas black jack tables. The system, structure and shear brain power these people have is amazing. Its fascinating to read or watch unfold. I have never heard of nor noticed Sturgess before, but he did a really good job in the lead role. Spacey was his usual brilliant self. Laurence Fishburne plays an equally strong character that is fun to hate. There is nothing truly special here, but its a good Friday night popcorn flick. I may be rating this movie too high, but remember, I just saw Stop-loss.


2008 * R * Drama
Ryan Phillipe * Channing Tatum * Joseph Gordon-Levitt

OK, MTV, I get it. Very subtle. We all get that you are against the war, that you hate the government, and that President Bush is the source of all that is wrong in the world. That doesn't mean that you have the right to make a terrible movie about all of this. When I say this movie was terrible, I mean this movie makes Gigli look like Schindler's List. These "actors" better thank God that somebody thinks they're attractive, because they certainly cannot act. I dare say that I won't see a movie with any of the primary actors in this film. The movie starts with the most ridiculously poor military tactic I've ever seen. Its so poor, its asinine to think anyone in the military has ever actually done it. All it does is make our main "hero" look like an ignorant fool. The movie gets worse from here. Here's a thought: When people in the theater are acting up around you, what recourse do you actually have? My friend and I were disturbed throughout this whole movie by talking (I mean 30-40 mins worth), fidgeting, throwing popcorn on us, etc. What can we do? We gave them the look. Then came the popcorn. We asked them to be quiet. But what then? Leave? Why should I leave because they're jerks. Go get an employee? This just stinks. I have a dream to open a private theater that would act like a gym membership. I think this may keep the riff-raff out. Back to the movie, oh who am I kidding, it was terrible. The End.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Drillbit Taylor

2008 * PG-13 * Comedy
Owen Wilson * Leslie Mann

This movie has heart. I really enjoyed watching this one. Three nerdy kids embark on the intimidating journey into high school. After being picked on by some bullies, the boys hire a body guard (Wilson). The actors who play the three freshmen are very funny and believable too. Owen Wilson is his usual hilarious self. As a good friend of mine notes on Wilson's characters, "He only has one character--but I love it every time." I couldn't agree more! His unique delivery and comedic timing are really fun to watch. This one won't win any awards, but it will give you a good 2 hours.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Horton Hears a Who!

2008 * G * Animated/Comedy
Jim Carrey * Steve Carell * Carol Burnett

I was never actually interested in this movie. I am not really an animation type of guy. Plus, I don't get Dr. Seuss. Why so popular? Alas, my mother, who I wanted to treat to a movie, really wanted to see this movie. That being said, during the movie, I was never quite interested. It didn't do anything to draw me in. I think it was a good movie with big stars doing solid voice over work, but I never was moved to think or feel anything during the 90 minutes it took to watch. All of this being said, there is something to be in a theatre with LOTS of little kids laughing and giggling. It was also quite something to see my mom look at the other moms who brought their "little babies" to the movie when she was so proud and glad to be doing the same thing with her 30-something baby. It was well worth my time!

Never Back Down

2008 * PG-13 * Action/Adventure
Sean Faris * Amber Heard * Cam Gigandet

This movie was poor. I know what you're thinking. 'No kidding, it was poor. We saw the preview.' I did too, and I was bored. This movie is this generation's Karate Kid. I feel sorry for this generation. The Karate Kid should have won an Oscar when compared to this movie. When I say this movie was like the Karate Kid, I mean the exact same plot points. You doubt me? (Spoiler Alert!) Listen to this: kid moves to new town, kid is soon beat up by classmates who like to fight, boy begins to train with foreign master, who by the way doesn't want him to fight outside the gym, kid likes girl even though he shouldn't stand a chance because said girl is involved or has a history with kid's main rival, there's a tournament that will finally settle the score, kid and rival fight, kid wins and get the girl. Sound familiar? As an avid mixed martial arts fan, I was also disappointed. Does Hollywood or mainstream America really believe MMA is only for crazy people with mohawks? Do they think that a MMA fight on concrete is really feasible. C'mon America. Catch up with the beauty that is MMA! Please don't judge me for seeing this movie.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


2008 - R - Action/Sci-Fi
Rhona Mitra * Bob Hoskins

This movie is not for the faint of heart! To say this movie is gory is a major understatement. This movie is Mad Max meets Outbreak meets punk rock! As far as evaluating this movie goes, all I can say is, it is interesting. Personally, I kind of enjoyed this bizarre, post-apocalyptic type film. I willingly admit that most people will not prefer this movie. Rhona Mitra plays an elite, combat police officer in the year 2035. A virus is destroying the city, and she has to enter a previously quarantined area in search of a vaccine. She does a pretty good job, especially considering most people only know her from the TV show Boston Legal. This movie had so much potential but didn't really deliver on that. As a good friend who was with me said, "Its like this movie was directed by two different people." I have to agree. Just when you kind of settle in to what this movie is, there is a major change that I don't think anybody is expecting. Question to ponder: When did fast moving, dizzying camera work equal good fight scenes?